Alvin is a gaming industry veteran with extensive experience in AAA, casual, and indie game development. Alvin has produced and designed projects for core, casual, and kid audiences across numerous genres, and has launched over 50 games and apps on console, PC, handheld, and mobile platforms.



For the past 20 years, Niki has worked for some of the world's top tech giants such as Apple, SAP and HP. Through her own initiative, Niki has created startups and built software development teams from the ground up. As a proud mother, Niki is determined to educate other children on some of life's most important lessons, the ones not quite taught through traditional means and channels.



Jeremy is a craftsman, loving father, and lifelong hardcore gamer. Comfortable amongst the industry’s established franchises and experienced enough to create new ones, Jeremy has crafted worlds and mapped out uncharted territories professionally for years. Seeing his children's imagination and creativity sparked as they play, Jeremy has a vision where the power of games can be leveraged even further.

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